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The three pieces of music featured on this album were written a couple of centuries ago, in a very different world from our current one. Yet in playing them we felt a deeply personal connection to the sense of struggle, reckoning with the forces of light and dark within ourselves, and search for cathartic expression that each piece conveys, independent from any time or place.

Each of us have performed this music many times over the last several years, and we began working on recording the first piece together as far back as November 2018.

Over the past three years of gradually recording each piece, we have grown to appreciate the enormous challenges of bringing them to life. The process of figuring out how to most vividly convey such rapidly shifting musical moods, honoring the individuality of two very different instruments, and somehow also finding a unified vision of sound felt like it could have gone on infinitely. But through that process we hope to share our appreciation and ongoing exploration of these emotionally complex and intense masterpieces, so that listeners may experience their beauty as we do.

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